St Pancras Miscellany – The Dodgeball Rally

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[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he Dodgeball Rally is a bi-annual supercar rally held around Europe, which takes place on public roads. The event started in 2009 and it gathers now most of the rarest cars around Europe. This year, the race’s starting point was next to our office in central London, in front of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, which played host for the Dodgeball Rally. The competition was founded by Jonny Dodge is invitation based, however, if you are passionate about it, with a bit of research you might find out where the drivers are gathering to depart, and take a closer look at the cars.


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20140904_091739What car brands of cars take part? Use your imagination: Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Ferrari, McLaren, if you can think of it, most probably it will be there. In short, the Dodgeball Rally is a mix of billionaires and eccentrics racing supercars across Europe. Also, this year, the organizers managed to coordinate the whole rally with the Monza F1 Grand Prix. All started at the beginning of September in London, followed by France’s famous area Champagne and by Switzerland after, and will finish, after the Monza Grand Prix, at a retreat outside Milan.

If you missed this year’s start in London, we thought of you, and took some photos to keep you going until next time.