Guaranteed acceptance to a PhD course of your choice, from a group of 5 x custom PhD applications.

Since 2006, we have successfully helped more than 32,000 applicants to secure PhD places at top universities in the UK, US, EU, Australia and beyond.

Why pay a private professor to help with my PhD applications?
  • Many PhD applicants assume that a PhD application requires little more than writing a proposal and obtaining two letters of reference.
  • In reality, a professional application to top universities involves many other vital steps – most of which are unknown or unfamiliar to the majority of students.
  • Our professors have however worked on 000s of applications and are experienced in working through all stages from A – Z.
  • Given that a PhD qualification leads on average to £500,000 more in career earnings than a Masters holder, we think it worth investing £1500 - £3500 working with an expert professor to secure your dream PhD place.
  • Our application process has ten steps.

    Element 1 - Professor Skype

  • A 60 minute Skype call with a British professor who is a specialist in your subject.
  • Element 2 - University Recommendation Report

  • A personal 1000 – 1500 word customized report, based on Element 1, providing a list of 5 recommended universities, categorized by criteria such as academic reputation, location and funding support. (See example)
  • Element 3 - List of Supervisors

  • A report recommending one potential professor, along with their CV and profile link, for each of the 5 universities listed in Element 2. (See example)
  • Element 4 - Letter of Introduction

  • A custom letter of introduction to be sent to each of the professors identified in Element 3. (See example)
  • Element 5 - Funding Support

  • A 1000 word report, giving customized advice on institutional and national scholarships and sponsorships that may be available for the five universities recommended in Element 2. (See example)
  • Element 6 - CV

  • A full, professional edit of your CV. (See example)
  • Element 7 - Personal Statement & Application Essays

  • A custom personal statement & drafts of any essays required for the applications. (See example)
  • Element 8 - 3 x PhD Titles & Rationales

  • 3 x original PhD Titles & Rationales for the topic identified in the Skype call with your professor. (See example)
  • Element 9 - Full PhD Proposal

  • A full 1500, 3000 or 5000 word PhD proposal based on the title chosen in Element 8. (See example)
  • Element 10 - Miscellaneous Help

  • Any miscellaneous application help with VISA applications, letters of reference, university correspondence and so on.
  • Plagiarism Free. Your work will be 100% plagiarism free (a free plagiarism report is included).
  • Confidential. Your work will be 100% confidential (no details are shared with applicant universities).
  • Intellectual Property. Your work will be 100% your intellectual property and never re-sold.
  • London Office. You will have 24 / 7 support from our London office.
  • British Professor. You will work with an experienced UK professor in your field
  • Prices for our PhD proposal help vary according to the delivery requirements. The calculator below shows you prices for 10-day delivery

    Questions about our prices or delivery? Ask our team
    How we work
  • Place an order telling our professor your exact academic requirements – along with any academic information you wish to send.
  • We offer various discounts and instalment plans.
  • Finalize your instructions through an (optional) Skype call with your professor and by completing our Academic Project Questionnaire.
  • Receive one by one the ten custom elements of your PhD application.
  • Ask your professor to complete any alterations you require.
  • Submit your 5 x PhD applications.
  • Wait for your acceptances!