Perfect your thesis with professional proofreading, editing and re-writing

Since 2006, we have successfully helped more than 20,500 PhD students to perfect their final PhD dissertation.

Why pay a private professor to edit my PhD chapter?
  • Every PhD student will be asked to make multiple sets of alterations to each chapter of their thesis and this can be a lonely and laborious process.
  • Often PhD students do not understand exactly what is being asked of them by supervisors or external examiner comments and working with a private professor can be very helpful for explaining what is required.
  • Our professor will review your thesis line by line and correct every proofreading, editing and supervisor comment request until the work is perfect.
  • Contracting a private professor to edit your thesis can ensure that you finish your doctorate more quickly by avoiding expensive and time consuming alterations.
  • This service can be used for improving PhD proposals, PhD chapters, upgrade / progress reports, journal / conference papers and the final PhD dissertation itself.

    The main elements of the service are listed below, although we always customize these elements for the requirements of each individual project.

  • Implementation of supervisor and examiner comments & new content
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • Basic English language mechanics
  • Academic theory & content review
  • Content re-writing (where required)
  • Structural editing
  • Referencing & formatting
  • Plagiarism check
  • PhD Proofreading Service


  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation & basic formatting
  • With the submission, you will receive one TRACKED version of the work showing all of the intra-textual and marginal annotations and one CLEAN copy with all of the changes invisibly effected.

  • Plagiarism Free. Your work will be 100% plagiarism free (a free plagiarism report is included).
  • Confidential. Your work will be 100% confidential (no details are shared with applicant universities).
  • Intellectual Property. Your work will be 100% your intellectual property and never re-sold.
  • London Office. You will have 24 / 7 support from our London office.
  • British Professor. You will work with an experienced UK professor in your field
  • Prices for Proofreading, Editing & Supervisor Comments Service help vary according to the delivery requirements. The calculator below shows you prices for 10-day delivery

    Questions about our prices or delivery? Ask our team
    How we work
  • Place an order telling our professor your exact academic requirements – along with any academic information you wish to send.
  • We offer various discounts and instalment plans.
  • Finalize your instructions through an (optional) Skype call with your professor and by completing our Academic Project Questionnaire.
  • Download as a fully editable Word, SPSS, Excel or other file.
  • Ask your professor to complete any alterations you require.
  • Relish being finished with your work.