string(3) "GBP"

array(21) { ["1. Which type of service do you require?"]=> string(16) "Writing Services" ["2. Choose your level of study"]=> string(3) "PhD" ["If you can't find the subject on this list, please enter your own."]=> string(22) "Marketing & management" ["4. Work required"]=> string(35) "Guaranteed Application (& Proposal)" ["Desired grade"]=> string(12) "1995|1|fixed" ["Service Type - Save"]=> string(34) "Guaranteed PhD Application Service" ["Delivery"]=> string(15) "23 January 2020" ["Delivery Day Cost"]=> string(11) "£ 1,995.00" ["Title or question"]=> string(263) "This project is for The Personal PhD to secure for Dr. Shafique a post-doctoral research position in the United Kingdom. Dr. Shafique has provided his CV. Full academic details shall be obtained from Dr. Shafique through our Academic Project Questionnaire." ["Reference style:"]=> string(7) "Harvard" ["Alterations Period"]=> string(16) "Standard 10 Days" ["Project Development Plan"]=> string(6) "None|0" ["Revision Guide"]=> string(6) "None|0" ["Speak with Your Professor"]=> string(6) "None|0" ["First name"]=> string(8) "Muhammed" ["Last name"]=> string(8) "Shafique" ["Email"]=> string(20) "shafiqueph@yahoo.com" ["Create a password"]=> string(14) "drshafique2020" ["Phone number"]=> string(15) "+92 333 9212093" ["Order Key"]=> string(8) "TPB03528" ["Total"]=> string(4) "1995" }